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Software for Big Data Analysis.
For Transport Companies.
Developed by Electric Bus Experts.

Monitor and optimize your electric bus operation through real data analysis

With you can analyze real data from electric buses, batteries, chargers and operation to inform decision-making and optimize operations. The software is specifically tailored to the analysis of electric bus fleets and is based on more than ten years of project experience of the engineering firm ebusplan. equips both technical experts – such as those responsible for fleets or infrastructure – as well as dispatchers and operations managers with essential insights and competencies.


Monitoring and securing of a reliable bus operation thanks to well-arranged data provision and rapid error analyses


Simple and fast documentation of operating data by using central data storage and the connection of various data sources


Increasing operational efficiency by linking technical and operational data

Numerous Analysis Options for Monitoring, Optimizing and Documenting your Electric Bus Operation

Always keep an eye on fleet, charging infrastructure and bus operation

  • Status and condition monitoring of vehicle fleet and charging infrastructure

  • Intuitive overview of all vehicles and chargers linked with operating data in one software package

  • Well-founded analysis through user-oriented key data on fleet and charging infrastructure related to operational variables

Increase the operational efficiency of your electric buses

  • Targeted adaptation of assumptions for vehicle scheduling as well as depot, charging and load management

  • Effective utilization of vehicle ranges

  • Optimal planning of charging phases

  • Controlled choice of safety buffers

Review the promises of the manufacturers

  • Analysis of the energy consumption and the ranges of the vehicles

  • Data-supported calculation of the availabilities of chargers

  • Meaningful documentation of breakdowns and deviations from regular operation

Detect errors and anomalies in bus operation

  • Efficient troubleshooting by linking vehicle, charging infrastructure and operational data

  • Rapid visibility of deviations in vehicle use and charging behavior through operational context

  • Clear error reports of vehicles and charging infrastructure as well as rapid identification of anomalies through key values

Monitor battery aging and safety continuously

  • Continuous logging of battery load and behavior supported by practical knowledge from battery experts

  • Accurate monitoring of battery aging and load adjustment

  • Timely detection and elimination of risks

Document the operation for funding agencies, public transport authorities and the general public

  • Easy provision of electric bus data using reporting and notification functions

  • Time-efficient generation of reports thanks to central data storage and linking of data sources


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